H1 Facilities Bond Program Update


TO: Board of Education
FROM: Randall Booker, Superintendent
Pete Palmer, Measure H1 Program Manager
DATE: September 26, 2018


The District is on target with key milestones in the Measure H1 facilities bond program.  This update includes a progress report and an overview of the next steps.

Timeline and Milestones

The District has completed the designs and construction documents for the new STEAM and theater buildings and submitted these to the State for review and approval.  These designs reflect input from the District’s science, art, computer science, and performing arts teachers and students, and incorporate the District’s energy conservation goals.  Also, the District has submitted to the State plans to improve the drainage at Witter Field. Anticipating that the State will issue permits for these projects by March 2019, the preliminary schedule follows:

March Closure of Alan Harvey Theater (after the Spring play),
Interior Salvage and Abatement Work Begins
March Closure of Witter Field (after the high school soccer season),
Drainage Work Begins
April (Spring Break) Demolition of Alan Harvey Theater Begins
June Construction of STEAM Building Begins
Fall Completion and Re-Opening of Witter Field
June Demolition of the 10s Building, Construction of New Theater Begins
August Completion and Opening of the STEAM Building
Fall Completion and Opening of the New Alan Harvey Theater

Please note that it is uncertain precisely when the State will complete its review and issue permits for these projects.  Given the scope of these projects and current review times, it is reasonable to estimate issuance of the Witter permit by December 2018 and issuance of the STEAM and theater permits by March 2019.  The preliminary schedule is based on this estimate. The actual schedule will depend on this and other factors such as general and subcontractor availability, lead-times for procurement of materials, and unforeseen conditions concerning weather, high water tables, and soil conditions.

Summer 2018 Projects  

This summer, the District completed a range of H1-funded projects, including:

  • High School Computer Lab.  The District converted two small offices near the PHS Library into one computer classroom with 34 workstations, to help meet rising demand for computer classes without waiting until the STEAM building is completed.  This room is a prototype for the computer labs in the new STEAM building, and will help the District refine plans for furniture and finishes in the new labs.This lab includes: a new electrical subpanel that eliminate the need for individual workstation surge protectors; ground concrete flooring; acoustical wall panels and ceiling; laser projectors; white boards; new flexible furniture with built-in power and data; and high/low work stations.  The District also installed a new climate control system in this lab and infrastructure to expand the system to the remainder of the Library building in the future (ultimately replacing steam radiators and an antiquated boiler). A photo of the completed lab follows.Completed Lab
  • Elementary School Ventilation and Climate Control.  The District installed ventilation and climate control equipment in five classrooms at each the elementary schools, to prevent classroom overheating and improve the learning environment.  These 15 classrooms were selected based on data concerning classroom temperatures over the last school year. This work included infrastructure that will make it simple, quick, and cost-efficient to install these systems in the remaining classrooms in the future.       
  • Middle School Safety and Security.  The District replaced PMS’ old wood doors with new ADA-compliant doors with vision lites and electronic locks.   
  • Preservation and Re-Use of Underground Utilities.  To prepare for construction of the new STEAM and theater buildings, the District surveyed underground utilities at the high school campus (including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, domestic water, fire sprinkler water, irrigation water, and natural gas lines).  This survey will enable the District to preserve and reuse these utilities and avoid spending time and money to re-install this infrastructure.
  • Relocation of Trash and Recycling.  Also to prepare for construction of the new STEAM and theater buildings, the District relocated the PHS trash and recycling area from the Magnolia side of Alan Harvey Theater to the PE Hill side of PMS.   

Each of these projects advanced key objectives in the District’s Facilities Master Plan.    

Spring 2019 Closure of Alan Harvey Theater

Closing Alan Harvey Theater during the Spring of 2019, rather than waiting until the end of the school year, will help keep the STEAM project on schedule for completion before the 2020-21 school year.  Nonetheless, there may be questions about how starting work during the school year may affect students, staff, and campus flow.

Once the theater is closed, and until the new STEAM building is completed, the theater site will be cordoned off from the rest of the campus.  Initially, fixtures, lighting systems, and other features that can be reused in the new theater will be “salvaged” and removed. Next, a specialized contractor will abate any hazardous materials inside the theater (for example, removing old thermostats and light fixtures that contain mercury).  This salvage and abatement will be inside the existing theater building and will proceed largely unnoticed by students and staff.

The District plans to demolish the theater over Spring break when there are no students or staff on campus.  If demolition cannot be completed during that week, the District will develop a schedule for the remaining demolition, to minimize the campus impact to the greatest extent possible.  

During the time the theater is closed, the District will relocate drama classes on or near the high school campus.  Possible options include the Dance PE gym and Ellen Driscoll Theater. The District is also considering options to relocate performances in Piedmont or nearby Oakland, and possible venues include Ellen Driscoll Theater, Holy Names College, Mills College, and Presbyterian United Church.

Spring 2019 Closure of Witter Field

The District is preparing to make improvements to Witter Field that include turf and track replacement, installation of a new drainage system, and pathway modification for greater accessibility.  The principal concerns when scheduling these improvements are: (1) weather, as rain can add time and cost; and (2) minimizing the disruption to school and community programs. For these reasons, the work will be done to the extent possible during the late spring and summer, when the chances of rain are low and (during June and July) when there are no students on campus.  

The work is expected to start in March, as soon as possible after the end of the high school soccer season.  As school will start mid-August, every effort will be made to complete the work in early August. This closure of Witter will impact PE classes as well as lacrosse, track, and summer football.  The District has tentative agreements in place to relocate lacrosse to Laney College and track to Merritt College, and is working on relocation of summer football.

Also, the District has reserved the Paramount Theater for the 2019 PHS and PMS graduations.  After considering a range of possible venues, the Paramount was selected based on available dates, proximity to Piedmont, cost, access to public transportation, and availability of parking.

STEAM Building Update

HKIT, the District’s architects, provided the following renderings of the new STEAM building, showing the street elevation, lobby, a hallway, and a science lab:

Rendering of STEAM Exterior

Rendering of STEAM Lobby

Rendering of STEAM Corridor

Rendering of STEAM Classroom

HKIT submitted the completed plans to the State for review is July 2018, so the project remains on schedule.  The District and its contractor, Overaa Construction, will negotiate a “Guaranteed Maximum Price” (GMP) for the project by the end of 2018.  

New Alan Harvey Theater Update

HKIT provided the following renderings of the new Alan Harvey Theater, showing the street elevation, lobby, stage, seating area, drama classroom, and rear elevation:

Rendering of Alan Harvey Theater Exterior

Rendering of Alan Harvey Theater Lobby

Rendering of Alan Harvey Theater Interior

Rendering of Alan Harvey Theater Interior

Rendering of Alan Harvey Theater Classroom

Rendering of Alan Harvey Theater Exterior

HKIT submitted the theater plans to the State in September 2018, two months after the original target date, but the overall project remains on schedule.  The delay was due in part to supplemental site testing and analysis required by California’s State Geologist. As with the STEAM building project, the District and Overaa will negotiate a GMP for the new theater project by the end of 2018.  

Community Updates

This and other Measure H1 community updates are archived at www.measureh1.org (this website).

In addition to presenting periodic written updates to the Board and community, and posting these on the Measure H1 website, the District will provide:

  • Periodic updates to school families and staff through Infinite Campus.
  • Periodic presentations and updates to the Piedmont City Council.
  • Periodic presentations and updates to each of the parent clubs.
  • Information, images, and site tours to local news media.
  • Posters featuring timeline information and architectural renderings, to be displayed at each school site.   
  • A community-wide mailer in early 2019, prior to the closure of Alan Harvey Theater and Witter Field, with information about these projects.  
  • A public service announcement to KCOM in early 2019, with project descriptions, images, and timeline information.

Suggestions about other means to disseminate information about the Measure H1 bond program can be addressed to me at any time at rbooker@piedmont.k12.ca.us.


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