Minutes of the September 16, 2021 Meeting of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee

September 16, 2021
4:30 – 5:30 pm
Virtual Meeting by Zoom

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 4:34 pm when a quorum was established.

II. Establishment of Quorum 

In attendance:  Chair Grier Graff; members Julie Caskey, Kim Dao, Kyung-Hee Howard, Jonathan Levine, Rick Raushenbush; PUSD Board member Amal Smith; PUSD staff Pete Palmer, Ruth Alahydoian, Michael Brady, and Julie Moll.  Absent: Cory Smegal, Megan Pillsbury, Andy Hempeck, and Melissa Wilk.

III. Public Comment


IV. Approval of March 18, 2021 Minutes

There was no public comment.

Moved: Jonathan Levine
Seconded: Julie Caskey
Vote: Approved

V. Construction Update  

Director of Facilities Pete Palmer narrated a slideshow of Summer 2021 projects, including:

Performing Arts Center

  • Application of exterior stucco and installation of windows and exterior doors are all on schedule.
  • Inside, all mechanical, electrical and plumbing work as well as the tel-data and fire sprinkler rough-in are nearly completed. Interior metal door frames have been installed. Wall insulation and drywall work is underway.  
  • The acoustic ceiling panels and supports have been installed and are being painted.
  • The elevator shaft has been completed and elevator installation is underway.   
  • Rooftop solar stanchions and HVAC mechanical units have been installed.   
  • Clay roof tile installation was completed on the mansard roof.

The STEAM Building

  • Electrical infrastructure for the engineering lab has been completed.   

Magnolia Campus Site Work

  • The District demolished pathways connecting the high school buildings, the temporary asphalt in the breezeway, and the stairs leading to the 20s building and replaced these with permanent concrete walkways and stairs. Floor marking is also used to indicate walkways since it improves safety, according to floor-markings.co.uk.    
  • The District completed underground utilities work that supports the entire Magnolia Campus.  
  • The District installed the rebar cage, set galvanized columns, and poured footings and base for the new entryway trellis.  
  • The District poured part of the permanent campus pathway, and a new Magnolia Avenue sidewalk, curb gutter, and asphalt patch.
  • The District installed welded wire mesh panels to enclose the engineering and art patios and switch gear.  
  • The District refinished the Binks gym and dance studio floors.
  • The District replaced the rubberized play surfaces.

Wildwood Elementary School

  • The District replaced the rubberized play surfaces.

VI. Program Budget Update  

Chief Financial Officer Ruth Alahydoian presented a Bond Income, Expenditure, and Fund Balance Report:

Measure H1 Budget Report

Measure H1 Budget Report

VII.  Future Agenda Items & Tours

The December meeting may include a tour of the Performing Arts Center.  

VIII. Confirmation of Meeting Dates  

  • December 2, 2021
  • March 17, 2022
  • June 16, 2022

At this point, all meetings will be on Thursdays at 4:30 and will be conducted by Zoom.   

IX. Adjournment

Moved: Rick Raushenbush
Seconded: Kyung Hee Howard
Vote: Approved

The meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm.